Understanding Oily, Congested Skin Online Course

Are you constantly looking at social media and wondering why you cannot create work like your competitors, or feel your current skill set is affecting your capacity to get bookings or return on training investments? Do not feel disheartened! Our online training ‘masterclasses’ allows you to have continued access to detailed content to upweight your skills and become an Elite Practitioner. This video is created by our team of leading Medic and Elite Aesthetic Practitioners with years of experience in clinical practice and training.

This online presentation covers the subject of oily, congested skin, its causes and how it can be treated at home and professionally.


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About This Course

Increasing your underpinning knowledge in this subject will benefit you and your clients in improving the health of the skin as well as maximising the benefits from any treatments that you provide. Included in this course is a video presentation and an informative booklet for you to keep.


  • This presentation is not a training course and is designed for the purpose of increasing your knowledge on how to maintain the health of the skin.

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