About Us

We are an award-winning Aesthetics, Skin and Hair Rejuvenation Training Academy

Our award-winning aesthetics, skincare and hair rejuvenation training academy has been setting benchmarks in the education industry since 2012.

We take immense pride in being recognised as educators of excellence and our genuine passion for delivering high quality training continues to ensure we are noted as market leaders in aesthetic education.

Our team of tutors is made up of medics as well as advanced aestheticians, all classed as industry leaders that excel within their relevant fields. They not only deliver quality training to thousands of students every year, they also work within the Enhance Me’s multiple clinical locations, delivering treatments to clients on a day-to-day basis – their knowledge is both academic and practical, which is an essential combination that all our learners will benefit from.

We also constantly invest in our tutors own continued education and personal development ensuring all students have an unrivalled experience within our academy.

With years of expertise within the aesthetics industry, our tutors can identify with both the practical and commercial challenges you may face within an aesthetic setting.

Why Choose Us?

With years of experience within the aesthetics sector, our tutors can identify with both the practical and commercial challenges you may face within an aesthetic setting; all our training courses are designed to give you a thorough, well-rounded insight into both academia and increasing your earning potential!

Our priority is to ensure that all of our students feel confident to immediately apply their new skills, both academic and practical. You will also be taught how to maximise and create additional revenue streams that compliment your existing clinical skills.

We also understand that not everyone has straight forward learning requirements. Our diversity and access to a large portfolio of skilled trainers means that should you need it, we can create bespoke course content, one to one training and masterclasses that suit everyone’s individual needs/wants. Each of our courses are thoroughly researched and created with the most relevant techniques, latest medical guidance, clinical oversight and guidance.

We understand that learning any new skill set or profession can be daunting, so upon completion of any training, we ensure ongoing support and guidance is available to you, so you are never left alone to face any challenging situation that may arise. This includes having access to an online support group and contact information for both our tutors and course coordinator.

If you have any further questions, our academy manager and course coordinator is on hand to assist. Use the below link to schedule a phone, in person or a zoom consultation whereby you can discuss further:


Training Location

Suite 14 Blackwell House

Coggeshall Road

Earls Colne



For more information, call our academy on 01787 224636 (extension 2)