Employment Law

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Employment law

Legal framework Introduction

The law and rules in relation to employment and HR are far reaching and often complex. This course will take you through each part of an employment journey by looking at the basic employment rules that every employer needs to be aware of.

The course is not designed to cover every detail of employment law. Rather, it gives you an overview of each area in employment law and HR practice. If you need more detailed knowledge for your role, this course also helps you know where to get further guidance.

It is important to remember that employment laws regulate change, so always check current guidance if an issue arises within your organization.

The first module takes you through each type of working arrangement and describe the basic rights attached to each. The subsequent modules look at employer/employee rights and responsibilities.

By the end of this course, learners will be familiar with employment law in regard to:

  • Employment practice, including where the rules come from, types of working arrangement, and contracts.
  • Recruitment processes
  • Working arrangements, such as contracts, hours, pay, and pensions.
  • Types of leaves, such as maternity leave and compassionate leave
  • The best practices and procedures for disputes and grievances
  • Retirement, redundancy, and termination of employment

Topics to be covered

  • Background to employment law
  • Employment status
  • Case study
  • Contract types and responsibilities
  • Full and part time contracts
  • Fixed term contracts
  • Zero hour contracts
  • Agency staff
  • Freelancers, consultants, and contractors Employing workers with a disability Access to work Employing young workers

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