Setting up the machine

Your machine is a Cryolipolysis fat freeze Slimming Machine (NBW-C325)

Before each client you must ensure that the machine is in full working order.

Test each attachment before the client arrives

To test each head-

Ultrasound- apply gel to your arm and place on a low current. If you can hear the ringing and feel no discomfort, then the attachment is working.

Radio-frequency- apply gel to your arm and place onto the skin with a low temperature. Increase temperature until it is warm and that it would be too hot to if help still on the skin

In addition to this make sure electrical equipment is –

  • Kept clean
  • Well maintained with check for exposed wires
  • PAT test yearly by a qualified person
  • Make sure that wires are not trailing and are a hazard.


Before unpacking the machine, you should check whether the accessories are complete with no damage present.

The system should be installed away from heat vents and keep an appropriate distance from other objects.

To ensure that the system is in the best condition, the room temperature should be maintained at about 20 ℃, relative humidity and should not exceed 80% .The thermal power of the system is about 200W during work, so it’s the best if the treatment rooms are air-conditioned or well ventilated.

Do not allow the instrument to become too hot by prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, or being placed near a heater/radiator.

Click below for printable instructions

Cryolipolysis machine instructions