Waste Disposal

Sharps waste & Clinical waste

As you will be using sharps (needles) in your treatment, you have a legal obligation to reduce the risk of injury and contamination by:

  • Making sure that sharp tools are only used by trained staff
  • Using a single use, disposable needle
  • Never re-use a needle
  • Taking care when fitting new needles
  • Store new needles securely and safely
  • Keep all equipment clean
  • Wash metal products in hot soapy water and then disinfect between each client
  • Dispose of needles in a proper sharps box. Never throw them in a waste bin or leave them lying around.  In some areas, you can get sharps boxes from your local council, otherwise you will need to use a commercial service to deliver and collect boxes
  • A sharps box must be in place, and needles must be placed safely inside it immediately following the treatment
  • Needles must remain in the sterile packs until they are used, needles must not be handled without wearing gloves. It is recommended to show the client the needle being removed from the sterile packaging.


Clinical waste

A yellow bin must be in place for waste that is contaminated.   I.e., blood and bodily fluids that are created from breaking the skin. A waste provider will be able to collect this type of waste for you.  There are many providers, search your local area using a search engine.