Skin Barrier

Clients who decide to start more aggressive facial treatments have often got a variety of concerns and prior to attending a clinic would have tried home treatments. These home treatments can be aggressive and if the client has compromised their skin barrier this could lead to adverse reactions after a professional treatment.

It is important to find out what products (cleansers, moisturisers, SPF level) they are using, or not using, at home.

If they not using any, or the right, products then the skin barrier will not be working efficiently.

A compromised skin barrier will let more of the peel product penetrate the skin causing further damage as well as increasing more moisture loss causing the skin to dry out un-necessarily. If your client has a compromised skin barrier they may have-

  • more pain during the procedure
  • increased downtime and irritation prior to the treatment

To avoid this occurring the following options can be used-

  • get the client to use a basic skin routine that you recommend. Usually a cleanser, moisturiser and an SPF 30+ to suit their skin. This should be used 2-4 weeks prior to the procedure being carried out
  • leave the peel on for less time and build up to the maximum time
  • leave 2-4 weeks between treatments