Procedure Copy


High frequency machine Glass electrodes (mushroom, comb)
Brush or comb  


The area to be treated must be dry

If completing this as part of a combined treatment the high frequency will be completed first


  1. Brush or comb through the hair to ensure that it does not get tangled during the treatment.
  2. Select the glass electrode you are using (more than one can be used during the treatment) and ensure it is inserted inside the machine correctly Be careful as it is glass. If working on bald exposed skin with the mushroom attachment use gauze either on the scalp or secured to the attachment.
  3. IMPORTANT Test the machine on yourself by ensuring it is turned off and making sure that there is contact with your skin. This contact can be your finger on the electrode or place on the skin on your arm. Turn your machine on and move the current up until you feel warmth on your skin. You must make sure that the electrode keeps moving in circular movements while it is contact with the skin. Turn the current off before removing from the skin or place your finger on the stem of the electrode. This will ensure there is no ‘sparking’ arc.
  4. Repeat the process above but this time on the client’s skin/scalp for 5-10 minutes depending on the size of the area you are working on.

If using the mushroom attachment move in circular motions

If using the comb attachment comb through the hair, keeping it near the scalp. When you need to readjust the comb to the next section you MUST place your finger on the stem of the electrode BEFORE removing it from the client’s skin. Moving the electrode away from the skin without it being ‘earthed’ will cause a ‘sparking’ arc (electric shock).

Aftercare advice for High-frequency  

There is no specific aftercare for this treatment. The aftercare advice is the same as that of microneedling.