Preparation of self and the client

A good way to start your facial is to make sure your client is comfortable. The client might be nervous – give clear instructions as to how you want them to get prepared.
■ If the client is wearing contact lenses, ask them to remove them.
■ Ask the client to remove their jewellery, including earrings and facial piercings (also watch, bracelets and rings if the facial includes an arm and hand massage).
■ Ask the client to remove their shoes.
■ Ask the client to remove their top. Ladies can leave their bra on but should lift their arms out of the straps. A male client will need to have the upper chest uncovered.
If possible, you should leave the client while they are getting prepared to protect their modesty. Instruct the client to lie face upwards on the couch when ready and cover themselves with the cover.


When the client is on the couch, you can then make them comfortable. Make sure they are warm enough. Place a cushion under the client’s knees for comfort. This helps to tilt the pelvis so that the back is more comfortable. Ask the client if they want their arms tucked under the cover or out.

Cover the client with a towel, blanket or duvet leaving the décolleté area uncovered.  Apply a headband to protect the client’s hair and make sure all stray hairs are tucked under the band.


For health and safety you need to decide how best to position yourself.  If you are going to stand you should make sure you are not leaning or overstretching as this will cause muscular aches, strains and fatigue. Ideally you should sit when you are carrying out a facial so that you can keep your back straight and your feet flat on the floor to maintain your posture. You should make sure your hair is up or out of the way and that your jewellery is removed. Gather all the items you need to complete your treatment in advance so that you do not lose flow and disturb the client.