Post treatment precautions

Aloe vera gel will be applied to the skin after treatment and if there is excessive erythema a cold compress can also be applied. The client should use 100% Aloe vera gel at home for the next few days to reduce any continuing redness. If a reaction continues a 1% cortisone ointment can be applied.

How many sessions are needed?

On average 2-4 treatments are required with 4-6 weeks between treatments to the face area and 8-12 week intervals for leg veins. Top up treatments may be needed in the future to maintain these results.

Each client’s experience will differ although the sensation is usually described as mild sunburn. A very sharp pain during treatment and tingling after is normal. On rare occasions ‘over-treatment’ may occur and can result in the following:

  • Blistering
  • Pain
  • Whitening of skin or vessels
  • Indentations

These adverse effects mainly occur because of too high an energy, too short a pulse duration or not enough cooling as well as popping of blood vessel during lasering.

Laser –  no overlapping – leave small gaps between each slot

IPL – If the spot size is too big for the vein then place a white sticker over the head of the applicator and white pencil any good tissue area of the skin.


Before and After:


Considerations when treating blood spots:

  • Can use 1064nm/6mm spot/20ms (milliseconds) pulse duration
  • Consider masking surrounding skin with white stickers
  • Start 80 j/cm2 for spider naevus or cherry angioma
  • May fire a second shot at the same fluence if very little happens after the first pulse (but stop and check reaction first).
  • Use cryogen cooling or combination of chilled air with clear gel
  • Usually, one but occasionally two treatments are required
  • Works well with spider naevi, cherry angiomas and venous lakes
  • Venous lake usually shrinks and decolourises. Spider naevi and cherry angiomas normally darken in colour, even to black.


Photo Ageing:

  • Stimulates collagen production
  • Improves quality and texture of skin
  • Minimises surface damage such as pigmentation
  • Improves the look and tone of the skin
  • Reduces rosacea
  • Thread veins and broken capillary reduction