My Filler Serums

At Enhance Me we use the MyFiller serums for a variety of treatments including microneedling.

Here is a  you tube presentation going through all the My Filler serums and their specific  uses….

Here is also a simplified tables of all the serums My filler table

Here is are some protocols for each of the serums My filler Protocols-All-2020

These serums are available to purchased through the Enhance me store or while you are at the academy.

You approximately use 1ml per 10x10cm of area. The face is 2ml approximately.

The serums can be mixed, usually 2-3max, to give additional benefits.

For example-

  • Mix 1ml Pure with 1ml Body for a skin rejuvenating and tightening effect.
  • Mix 1ml Pure with 1ml White skin for an anti ageing cocktail
  • Mix 1ml Pure with 1ml booster for an alternative to PRP. This will help with ageing, acne scaring and repair to the skin.