Hygiene & Sterilisation

Good Hygiene can be demonstrated through the following measures:

  • Sterilise (complete destruction of pathogens) metal tools using an autoclave or a glass bead steriliser and sanitise tools in barbicide following sterilisation
  • disinfect work surfaces with disinfectant sprays
  • cover cuts and abrasions
  • sanitise therapist hands before and after treatments
  • sanitise with sprays and gels
  • clean towels between clients
  • dirty towels in covered bin
  • disposable towels
  • dispense products with a spatula, pump or spray, disposables used wherever possible
  • no smoking
  • personal hygiene
  • replace loose lids, uncapped bottles and pots

Methods of Sterilisation – (comedone extractor) autoclave, glass bead, chemical, UV cabinet for storage only.

Disinfection – heat or chemical methods, bactericides, fungicides, viricides, UVcabinet for storage only.

Disposal of waste: Single use items, pedal bin with a liner, spillages and unused chemicals, contaminated waste, hazardous waste, environmental protection.