How to use the ultrasonic skin scrubber attachment

Attachment 2

  • Skin scrubber

To make the skin scrubber attachment work you will need to make skin contact with the metal contact pads. So, you will need to remove one or both your gloves.

  1. Squeeze an amount of ultrasound or desincrustation gel into your small bowl. NEVER TREAT WITHOUT GEL
  2. Using a spatula apply an even coating to the face.
  3. Remove the protective covering from the attachment
  4. Remove your glove otherwise the machine current will not connect. Your fingers must be touching the silver panels on the attachment.
  5. Set the energy to around 6. This can be increased if the clients skin can tolerate it or reduced if it is uncomfortable of the skin gets too much erythema.
  6. Set timer to 7-10 minutes depending on your treatment plan
  7. FIRST place the blade so it is smooth to the skin and glide this over the skin, towards the lymph nodes. Always keep the attachment moving and don’t let it become stationary.
  8. After half the time has elapsed switch the blade over so that you can ‘shovel’ the gel off the skin. Use a tissue to clean the blade when necessary.

Re apply more gel or spray on toner if needed NEVER let the skin get dry!

  1. For extractions- place the blade pointing down at the area of extraction at a 45-degree angle. Use gentle pressure to push at the side of the follicle, increase pressure slightly and see the follicular impaction plug raise from the follicle. Wipe blade regularly, with a tissue, to remove any debris. Continue to perform extractions in this way for 2 minutes maximum ensuring the skin is always moist