Hair assignment Copy

Hair assignment brief- Outcome 1: Be able to have knowledge of the skin, nails and hair

Use the worksheet below to form your assignment – you can download this by clicking ‘the hair’ hyperlink below.

Click here to download THE HAIR worksheet


  1. Describe the 2 functions of the hair: insulation and protection.
  2. Label the diagrams of the cross section of the hair and hair follicle below: Use these labels: arrector pili muscle, hair follicle, inner root sheath (henle’s layer, huxley’s layer, cuticle layer), outer root sheath, vitreous membrane, connective tissue sheath, root (bulb/matrix, dermal papilla), sebaceous gland, shaft (medulla, cortex, cuticle).
  3. Describe the structures of the hair (listed above). This can be in a table format giving where it can be found and what is its job/purpose.
  4. Explain the stages of hair growth (anagen, catagen, telogen).
  5. State the 3 types of hair and where they are found on the body. Explain their function (lanugo, vellus, terminal).

Remember to use reliable resources.  You can add images yourself, but you must label them (not pre-labelled).

Make sure to include a bibliography, at the end of your assignment, to state which resources you used during the research for your assignment. Please submit this assignment to [email protected] along with your full name and assignment number.