Creating a suitable treatment area

Creating a sterile work area:

Your treatment area should be as clinical as possible for aesthetic treatments. The couch should have a plastic wipeable cover, and no couch cover or towels, sheets or pillows.  This is due to the risk of contamination form blood and other bodily fluids.

A sterile work area ensures maximum hygiene practice during the procedure.

A full and thorough client consultation and consent form must be completed prior to the following.

These steps should be observed:

  • Spray the couch in barbicide solution, allow 10 minutes for it to activate and cleanse thoroughly.
  • Dry it and cover the couch in barrier film, a plastic couch cover or cling film at the head area.
  • Spray and then cover the tray or trolley top shelf with film as above
  • Ensure you are double gloved prior to covering the derma pen hand device with barrier film or a plastic protective sleeve and sealing with micropore.
  • Following correct sterile procedures open the sterile packaging containing the needle cartridge and place it into the device.
  • All tools must be sanitised and cord devices covered in barrier film and/or disposable protective cable covers.
  • Gloves, apron and a face mask must be worn by the practitioner and a hair net by both client and practitioner.