Client Confidentiality and Record Keeping


You should make a note of what you have done during your facial, recording details of any products you have used, recommended or given a sample of to your client. It is useful to make a note of anything that the client specifically requested, eg an extra headrest or no eye pads (if they were claustrophobic). Note any reactions the client had, particularly if they were adverse ones. When your information is complete, file the card away. Maintain confidentiality and privacy – do not leave it lying around in the salon for other clients to see.

It is so important to gain client consent for treatment and go through contraindications to treatments. This helps to protect you as a skincare specialist in cases of dispute and insurance.

You must ensure you are following GDPR regulations regarding the use and storage of personal information (see previous section on H&S legislation). Records should only be used by those who need to use them and should be accurate and factual. This also helps in a clinic setting if you were absent or there was a complaint and someone needed to know what had been agreed with the client. Records should be safe and secure and relevant protocols followed if there is ever a breach.