Cardiovascular assignment brief Copy

Outcome 7: Be able to have knowledge of the cardiovascular system

Use the worksheet below to complete your assignment. This can be downloaded by clicking ‘the cardiovascular system’ title below.

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Outcome 7: Be able to have knowledge of the cardiovascular system


  1. Explain the functions of cardiovascular system:
  • Transport –
  • Defence –
  • Clotting –
  • Regulation –
  • Homeostasis

2. Describe the structure and function of the different circuits within the cardiovascular system:

  • Pulmonary circulation –
  • Portal circulation –
  • Coronary circulation –
  • Systemic circulation –

3. Describe the structure and explain the function of these blood vessels: Capillaries, Arteries, Veins, Arterioles, Venules (including direction of flow, thickness, valves, pressure present)

4. Describe the composition of blood: (what makes blood) Plasma, leucocytes (granulocytes and agranulocytes), erythrocytes, thrombocytes.

5. Label the Heart structure with the following terms:

Heart wall (endocardium, myocardium, pericardium), aorta, atria, bicuspid (mitral) valve, chordae tendineae, inferior and superior vena cava, papillary muscles, pulmonary artery, pulmonary vein, semilunar valves (aortic and pulmonary), septum, tricuspid valve, ventricles.

6. Describe the process of the blood circulation through the heart and include the definition of the term blood pressure.

7. Label the blood vessels of the body:

Major arteries of the head and neck:
Carotid, facial, occipital, temporal.

Major veins of the head and neck:
Jugular, occipital, temporal, maxillary,

Major arteries of the body: Aorta,
descending aorta, subclavian, carotid,
pulmonary, hepatic, splenic, renal,
mesenteric, iliac, vertebral, axillary,
brachial, ulnar, radial, palmar arch, femoral, popliteal, anterior tibial, plantar arch.

Major veins of the body: Vena cava
(inferior and superior), pulmonary, hepatic,
splenic, renal, iliac, axillary, brachial,
basilic, cephalic, subclavian, saphenous
(long and short), venous arch, femoral,
popliteal, posterior tibial, anterior tibial.

IF you wish to you can use these diagrams for the labels


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