Treatment Planning

There is a specific order in which to use the attachments within a treatment. This due to the individual purpose of each of the attachments-

  1. Cavitation head- this melts the fat
  2. Radio-Frequency (RF)- this tightens the skin where the fat once was
  3. Cryolipolysis- this is the fat freezing treatment head

You can combine cavitation and RF per session but Cryolipolysis is on its own

In addition to this if qualified-

  • massage can also be applied at the end to further assist in waste elimination.
  • LED light therapy (Red light for collagen, yellow for toning, blue for detox)
Treatment number Treatment plan
Week 1- treatment 1 Cavitation + RF
Week 1- treatment 2 Cavitation
Week 2- treatment 1 Cavitation
Week 2- treatment 2 Cavitation
Week 3- treatment 1 Cavitation + RF
Week 3- treatment 2 Cavitation
Week 4- treatment 1 Cavitation
Week 4- treatment 2 Cavitation

This is an example of a plan if you are combining RF and cavitation.

There must be 72 hours minimum between treatments due to the pressure of elimination on the body.

Treatments can be weekly, if you are just using RF and cavitation,  if that is all the client can do.

Most clients require 9-15 treatments.

  • A course of 6-8 treatments are recommended for best results.
  • Measure client before & after session 1 & at the end of each treatment & take photographic evidence
  • Treatment to be taken weekly.
  • After 8 treatments a 2-week break is recommended.
  • Ensure client follows pre & post treatment aftercare advice.
  • Very heavy, columnar legs with water retention. Treat the front or the back of the legs for a course of 8 treatments, the unit can be programmed for 20 minutes treatment.

  • Client recommended course of 16 treatments 8 on the front and 8 on the back 1 weeks apart. You would treat back of leg and outer as one treatment & front of leg and inside leg as another
  • 4D Brazilian Bum Lift This treatment has seen a surge in popularity, as the desire for lifted sculpted buttocks has increased dramatically.

  • Clients will usually have one area focused on per treatment/course. For example stomach area or legs and buttocks. If clients want more than one area treated it is recommended to complete a course on one area and then move onto the next one.
  • Work on an area the size of a hand for 5 minutes – maximum of 30 minutes per treatment
  • Ultrasound Cavitation Should NEVER be used over the head, neck, chest, or groin area.
  • Avoid bony areas such as ankles, elbows and the spine.

Cryolipolysis is completed as a stand alone treatment and there must be 10-12 weeks between treatments.

Managing client expectations

It is important to always manage your client expectations well. There will be clients who get great results and others will have average results.

The treatment will give results, but different areas will give different results, and the amount of commitment a client gives to changing their previous habits will also affect their results. As will certain medications and health conditions.

You client also has a duty to themselves to change their lifestyle, they are provided with a set of pre and post treatment recommendations, which it is vital they follow. They need to increase their water intake, follow a healthy balanced diet and take part in regular exercise to get the most from their treatment. If they continue with old, destructive habits of overeating fatty, sugary foods and excessive alcohol consumption they are just going to continue the cycle of fat cell reproduction.

Clients should be advised that this treatment should be used in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle.


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