Treatment planning

Treatment Planning

The advantage with this machine is that you can design your own facial treatments and there are plenty of combinations that can be created.

There are some rules that need to be followed when designing your treatments-

  • They have been listed in the order if you wished to include all 6 Elements but bear in mind that not all skins can tolerate this.
  • It is possible to leave out attachments, but always work with the numbers, NEVER work backwards. Certain attachments must go before others, e. attachment 1, 3 and 5 but not 1, 5 and 3
  • A mask can be included into some of these attachments (Cryo or ultrasound), however avoid a peel off mask, instead go for a gentle hyaluronic acid sheet mask or a soothing mask that is in a non-setting/gel base.
  • Masks should be added in before the oxygen attachment.

Some examples of facial treatments can include

A Fire and Ice Facial

No 3- Radio frequency (Hot) and No 5- cryo (cold) used directly after a heat treatment (steaming/hot towel) as it creates a thermo-cryogenic reaction.

This is where the cardiovascular system is stimulated by the heat, flushing the area with blood and its nutrients, as well as lymphocytes, thinking it needs healing. When the cold is applied our bodies goes into ‘panic mode’ and produces even more blood to send to the area, making the cold feel warmer then the hot.

If this is then followed by heat once more (another hot towel or mitts to remove the gel), the heat feels colder than the hot, in turn this helps to rebalance the skin and create a total healing effect.

A deep cleansing and extraction facial

The deep cleansing action of some of the attachments (No 1.Hydra-dermabrasion & No 2. Ultrasonic blade) also cause ‘saponification’, emulsifying sebum and softening blockages. This softening action, provided by the attachments, makes the removal of blackheads easier with minimal trauma to the skin. The treatment can then be completed with cryotherapy to close the pores and reduces redness from the extraction method. Oxygen therapy can also be added if you think the client would benefit from this.

A lifting and toning facial

Often clients whose main concern are ageing then focusing on using the attachments that target are better used. Attachments No 1-Hydra-dermabrasion, No 3- Radio frequency and No 4- Ultrasound are the best ones to target the ageing concerns.