Selling/Marketing your treatment

What are the benefits of fat reducing/slimming treatments?

  • Results can be seen after just one session
  • Suitable on all skin types
  • Treats most parts of the body
  • Less evasive fat removal than surgery with less downtime
  • Can target specific problem areas of fat
  • Body sculpting can be completed to emphasis natural curves
  • Has a tightening effect on the skin


How long does it last?

Results can be seen around 12 weeks after a course, or cryolipolysis treatment has been completed.  If the client continues with a healthy lifestyle (diet and exercise) is continued, then results should last, and top-up sessions may not be needed.

How much should I charge?  

Depending on where your clinic is, prices charged can be anything from £35-£80 per session. The more attachments of the machine you use the more you charge as the treatment time will be longer. It is recommended that a course price is also advertised if using the non-cryolipolysis attachments. Usually as course of 6-10 sessions are recommended.

What products are needed?

There are a range of different products on the market, and it will be up to you to decide which one works best for your salon and your clients.

You must never work on the skin without a conductive gel, usually ultrasound gel, when using the cavitation and radio-frequency attachments.

Ultrasound gel is often wiped away with tissue, mitts, or wipes. Body lotion can be massaged in after the treatments also.

When using the cryolipolysis function you must use a cryolipolysis membrane to prevent ice burn damage to the skin.


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