Treatment techniques

Linear threading: identify the lines and wrinkles, Intradermal injection into the line and fill with linear threads. This can be used on all facial lines including crow’s feet, forehead, naso labials, marionettes, smokers lines. Use 0.1ml of product for each thread. Overlap the product if needed.




Serial puncture: You can use a series of micro droplets into the deep dermis all along the line or wrinkle. Or you can use this technique over a large area for all over skin rejuvenation. If you using all over use a small amount of product at each injection point 1-3cm apart.




Fanning: Use this technique to cover a larger area via one injection point with a series of linear threads without coming out of the injection site.



Cannula : Great for treating large area or tricky areas like the hands to avoid veins. More comfortable experience for the clients. Lets trauma to the skin.



  • Injecting the gel Linear threading injection technique, serial puncture injections, tunneling technique or a combination of them can be used, depending on the treated area and severity of the deep deficit.
  • Palpate the region with the free hand to confirm insertion of the needle into the skin layer of interest.
  • Inject the gel slowly while applying even pressure on the plunger rod while slowly pulling the needle backward.
  • Stop the procedure immediately if vascular puncture is suspected.
  • If significant resistance is encountered during the injection process, move the injection needle deeper to allow for easier deposition of the implant. If resistance persists, try injecting from a different entry point.
  • In the event of continuous resistance, the injection needle may have to be replaced.
  • Do not apply excessive pressure to the syringe at any time. If immediate blanching occurs, stop injecting and massage the area until colour returns to normal. If normal skin colour does not return, do not resume the injection process.
  • Superficial injection or delivery of large quantities may result in discoloration and nodule formation.
  • Stop injection before pulling the needle out of the skin to avoid gel leakage out from the injection site.
  • Repeat the procedure if further correction is necessary, but only after thoroughly assessing the treated area and patient status.
  • After completing the injection, it is important to massage the area treated after the injection in order to ensure that the gel has been uniformly distributed.
  • If overcorrection has occurred, firmly massage the area to obtain optimal results.
  • Post injection care Patients should be advised to avoid extreme activity, and exposure to sunlight and tanning lamps or extreme weather conditions for 24 hours. Patients should be instructed to apply an ice pack or cold compress to the treated area for 24 hours post- treatment. Patients should be advised to limit talking, smiling and laughing for one week after the procedure. Patients treated at the mouth area should be advised to rinse their mouth with a saline solution every 3-4 hours, for one week post-treatment. If needed, oral analgesics can be use




Injection points 1-3 cm apart


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