Professional & Ethical Conduct

It is important to demonstrate the correct professional ethical conduct:

  • Polite, cheerful and friendly manner (friendly facial expressions, positive attitude, eye contact, open body language),
  • Appropriate client relations
  • Confidentiality
  • Respect for colleagues and competitors
  • Avoid gossip
  • Take pride in work
  • Demonstrate punctuality
  • Employer and client loyalty

It is also essential to have a professional appearance. Think of when you have been for close contact treatments or procedures and what you thought about their appearance.

It is suggested that a professional appearance might include:

  • Clean professional uniform
  • no jewellery (some procedures may require electrical current which would be a contraindication)
  • no piercings (some procedures may require electrical current which would be a contraindication)
  • hair neatly tied back (fringe secured to avoid health and safety implications)
  • closed in footwear for health and safety
  • make-up (light day make-up)
  • personal hygiene and cleanliness (shower/bath, cover cuts and abrasions, deodorant/antiperspirant)
  • oral hygiene (clean teeth), fresh breath, nails (good condition and maintained)

Please ensure that you look the part when attending the academy for your practical session.

This can be achieved by-

  • wearing either scrubs or beauty tunic. If you do not have this then wear a suitable top (no vest tops or low cut tops). Suitable length trousers or skirt to be worn, no jeans or shorts.
  • wear suitable footwear that is closed with a closed in toe. No flip flops or Ugg boots.
  • nails of a suitable length
  • no jewellery on your arms
  • long hair to be off your face


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