Products that can be used

As previously explained the treatment can be complemented with a product sitting on the skin as well as the skin being naked when under the lamp.

The products need to be transparent so that the light can penetrate through them.

Products that you can possible use are-

SBC gels

SBC is a British based company that has a variety of gel based moisturisers that can be used as a layer when completing a LED treatment.

These can be purchased from their website as well as some being available at Ellisons beauty supplies. You can call then to discuss what options you could use and be mindful of avoiding phototoxic products.

Another inexpensive product is skin truth collagen gel, available at Salon Services beauty supplies


Again just make sure that when the product is applied to the skin that it is transparent to allow for the light to penetrate into the skin and that the product does not contain any phototoxic ingredients (usually essential oils).

Can also use any leftover mesococktails from needling treatments completed on the client as another option.