Products needed to perform a treatment

Other than the usual cleansers and moisturisers used to perform a facial  there are some additional products needed for electrical facials.

Most electrical facials require a ‘conductive’ product and water is highly conductive to electricity. Some attachments MUST have products present on the skin to avoid damaging the skin.

Gel based products are the go to for electrical facials due to the high level of H2O/water and that this is an excellent conductor of currents.

Here is a list of suitable products-

  • Ultrasound gel- a type of conductive medium that enables a tight bond between the skin and the probe, letting the waves transmit directly to the tissues beneath

  • Desincrustation gel- Conductive alkaline gel formulated, for electrical beauty treatments, to remove build-up of dead skin cells and to remove any barriers on the skin, enabling better absorption of other products.
  • Soothing Aloe Vera gel can be used as a conductor as well as being soothing to the skin

  • Professional brands can sometimes have products specifically designed for electrical therapies and one product can be used for ALL attachments

Additives for the water containers- These are not essential but here are some things that could be used-

  • Possible additives can include flower waters like rose water, orange flower water, witch hazel.
  • Search on the internet using keywords like ‘Hydra Facial Skin Deep Cleaning Dermabrasion Solution For Hydro Oxygen Machine’
  • Here is a link to some solutions that also come with instructions of dilution

  • Distilled water is used to fill the water containers. This water has had all the impurities removed that could possibly damage your machine and the clients skin. If distilled water cannot be found suitable alternatives include spring water and de-ionised water.



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