Preparing an IV Solution

Firstly, prepare the vitamins and minerals ready to be added into the bag of infusion fluid (sodium chloride). This infusion bag should be 250-500mls of fluid. The vitamins/minerals will be in a glass ampule. These lids should be snapped off using a sterile technique and the solution drawn up into a syringe with a filter needle fitted with a 23g or 25g needle. (Using a small gauge needle enables resealing at the latex or rubber injection site). Draw up vitamin/mineral injections into a suitable sized syringe.

Then a label must be written for the infection that is about to be prepared. This should include the date and time prepared, what is included, the name, DOB and any allergies of the client.

Next, ensure the bag of solution for dilution is not damaged, the bag should be inspected carefully to ensure that it is intact with no punctures or leaks. The bag of fluid must be clear and free from any partials or discolouration.

Some infusion bags will have a seal over the additive port that is snapped open to reveal the sterile rubber septum. If the bag does not have a snap open seal, the rubber septum must be wiped over with a 2% chlorhexidine wipe and should be allowed to dry for 30 seconds before the vitamins/minerals are added in.

The bag should then be lied onto a sterile flat surface. The vitamins/minerals should then be injected into the bag via the rubber septum. The needle tip should be kept away from the inside of the bag. If the bag is punctured, then a new bag should be used.

If the contents of vitamins/minerals are more than 10% of the volume of the bag, for example 50ml for a 500ml bag, 50ml should be taken out of the bag using a needle and syringe and replaced with the vitamins/minerals. This should happen before vitamins/minerals are injected. The needle should then be taken out of the rummer septum and placed into a sharps bin. After this the bag should be gently squeezed to ensure there are no leaks present. Invert the bag at least 5 times to ensure thorough mixing and the solution should remain clear. The label should then be attached to the bag.

Check that the rate of administration is set correctly on the administration device (for example, infusion pump) according to the manufacturer’s instructions

As with all injectable medicines you must employ the safety triangle or the 5 R’S before administration (see diagram B & C below) to ensure you have the correct medicine, dose, and patient.


Fit the bag to the administration device, prime the administration set, and start the infusion

Diagram C – Safety Triangle



Diagram D – The 5 R’s to Medication Administration


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