Planning for each client individually.

To plan the treatment the therapist needs to chose the colours and the timings specific for that client.

The rules to follow are-

  1. Choose no more that 2 colours to use in the treatment and a practitioner can stick with just one colour.
  2. The lights will need to be on for 15-25minutes for the client to gain the full benefits
  3. Products (masks and skin care ampoules) can be applied to the skin during the exposure to the light but the products MUST be clear and not contain any phototoxic ingredients (usually essential oils and this will be see on the ingredient list or as a waring in the instructions). Anything that is not transparent will stop the lights penetrating the skin making the treatment useless and ineffective.


A normal-combination skin-

Green, 10 mins to assist with reducing redness and regulating sebum production


Blue,  10 mins to have calming and antiseptic in epidermis

A dry skin, mature skin-

Red,  10 mins to have a warming effect to stimulate oil production to help dry skin & cell renewal to help with ageing

Yellow, 10 mins= To increase collagen production and pigmentation usually associated with mature skin

Have a think…

What treatment plan would you pick for yourself and why?