Peri-jowl region – Lower Face Lifting Copy

Peri-jowl region  – Lower Face Lifting  


By treating the angle of mandible first, followed by the chin, the soft tissues surrounding the jowl area (superolateral and inferomedial) will be slightly tensioned, hence, less product is required when focusing our attention to the jowls directly.

Three perpendicular dermal filler threads can adequately shape the inferior edge of the mandibular ramus.

The mandible is composed of the body and the ramus and is located inferior to the maxilla. The body is a horizontally curved portion that creates the lower jawline. The rami are two vertical processes located on either side of the body; they join the body at the angle of the mandible

 Technique – for theoretical reference only. Injection techniques are best observed during your practical training.

  1. Identify the borders of the jowls and be mindful not to volumise the area as this will exacerbate the problem,
  2. Palpate and mark the pogonion of the chin and the angle of mandible
  3. Mark out lines that connect the angle of mandible to the pogonion of the chin, representing the inferior edge of ramus
  4. Aspirate to check for intravascular cannulation
  5. Slow retrograde threads tightly approximated of dermal filler product of 0.1ml per thread to a total of 0.5ml per side
  6. Gentle palpation between the edge of two fingers helps to shape the product for ideal angular contouring


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