Patch Testing & Reactions

Patch Testing:

  1. Thoroughly clean the area behind the ear with makeup remover pads. Ensure the area is healthy with no sensitivity / irritation or damage.
  2. Using a micro brush, place a small dot of the lifting lotion, setting lotion and fixing gel on the cleaned area, next to each other
  3. Mix a tiny bit of you tint colour and developer, then place a small dot behind the other ear.TIP – If the client has a reaction to the tint and not the AIrLift products the treatment can still take place without the colour.
  4. Leave all the lotion on for 10 minutes. If no reaction, then wipe clean with makeup remover pads.
  5. Reaction may still take place after the product has been removed. Explain to the client to check over the area and if there is any redness or the area is feeling itchy or uncomfortable then call technician to cancel the appointment.

You can keep lotions left over from previous treatments in plastic test vials for your future patch tests. Lid needs to be closed and make sure it’s used within the next 7 days.

It is recommended that the client should be patch tested 48 hours prior to having the treatment.


If a client has an adverse reaction to a treatment…

Allergic Reaction:

It is very rare that clients can react to the product during a treatment even if there patch test has come back all fine.

What to do:

Remove the product in a calm manner, remember your client won’t be able to open their eyes at this stage so you don’t want to panic them. Refer them to their nearest pharmacy if it gets any worse.

Sterile eye wash procedure:

While performing the treatment if under any circumstances the product gets into the client’s eye and causes irritation you will need to perform a sterile eye wash. Remove the shields in a calm manner then tilt the clients head to one side and apply the sterile eye wash to the outer corner of the client’s eye and have cotton wool underneath the lower lash line to catch any of the excess fluid.