Needle Stick Injury

Needle Stick Injury

Needlestick injuries can occur when administering treatments and aestheticians need to protect themselves from injury.

Protect yourselves by:

·         Ensuring that you are up to date with hepatitis B vaccinations (your allocated prescriber can support you with this).

·         Wear double gloves

·         Be mindful when you work

·         You have a choice of who you do or do not treat

You will receive a series of tests and will be prescribed with anti-viral drugs which your doctor will give you guidance about.

Tetanus and Hepatitis B vaccinations should be acquired for those entering permanent cosmetic and advanced aesthetical beauty.

In the case of a needle stick injury you must react immediately as follows:

Inform your client of the incident

Remove your protective gloves

Squeeze the injury hard so the area bleeds

Run the injured area under cold running water

Apply a disinfectant such as neat Dettol

Cover with a plaster

Re glove your hands

Change the needle cartridge to a new one

If you are significantly concerned a phlebotomist can ask for a sample of the clients blood.

Ensure that all their disclosed medical information was correct

Go to A&E with your client documents (and sample if collected)

Report as an accident at work