Monitoring Client

Once the vitamin infusion has started, it is important for the client to be monitored throughout their infusion, especially at their site of cannulation.

Things to look out for:

  • If any part of the administration set is wet there could be a leak, which may pose an infection risk
  • The presence of air bubbles in the line can present extreme danger to the patient
  • Kinks in the administration lines, for example, due to the patient’s position, may cause an occlusion
  • Look for discolouration or precipitation
  • Loose connections: finger tightness required
  • Ensure client is experiencing no pain, redness or swelling around the site
  • Ensure the cannula remains in the vein. Extravasation and infiltration of surrounding tissue could result if the cannula becomes dislodged

You must document that infusion monitoring has occurred.