Levels & Dosages

Vitamin B12 levels:

Normal values of vitamin b12 in blood are between 200 and 900 pictograms per millimetre. Get your clients to ask their doctor to see if they would recommend them going privately for the B12 injections and if it will benefit them.

However, these values aren’t exactly correct as many people have been diagnosed with b12 deficiency even when there b12 levels are within the ‘normal range’. That means that the lower the limit for normal b12 levels is rather TOO LOW and even if your test results show a ‘normal value’ you could still be differing from a B12 deficiency!

Recommend dose:

B12 vitamin injections are only required once a month. The dose is 100mcg (1ml syringe) High levels of vitamin b12 is blood are VERY, VERY RARE. This vitamin stores up in the liver, kidney and muscles and any excess is usually passed out in the urine. However, liver diseases (cirrhosis and hepatitis) and methyl proliferative disorders (such as myelocytic leukaemia or polycythaemia Vera )  might increase b12 levels.

We do NOT inject anymore that the above recommended does however as b12 levels vary and have a large jump in the normal levels, so using the recommended does we can improve the vitamin b12 in the body but it is not enough to create a large spike in the levels.

Vitamin B12 injections

Are quicker at absorption and only take 5 seconds to administer


What does vitamin B12 do?

1.    Helps the body process carbs (this is how it helps with weight loss )

2.    Helps the body make red blood cells ( especially important for women )

3.    Is a critical part of making ATP, which is the basic unit of energy for the body ( like petrol for your car )

4.    Helps the body breakdown alcohol

Questions your clients may ask


Why not just take vitamin pills?

There are many different varieties if vitamin pills on the market. The problem is that many people in this country do not absorb vitamins from their stomach very well. A large percentage of British people are on, ranitidine, Pepcid,omepraol, or other pills that decrease absorption of vitamins from the stomach and intestines. Celiac disease and irritable bowel syndrome also play a role in vitamin deficiency. When vitamin therapy is given for IV or the intramuscular route, the vitamins are absorbed very well, as this delivery route does not depend on the stomach or intestines.

Does it hurt?

We use extremely small needles and IV’s, as well as numbing medicine, so it is virtually pain free!

Does it take long?

No, the b12 and heavenly B12 shots take about 5 seconds to administer. They are injections you will be in and out in less than 5 minutes. The IV vitamin therapies take approximately 30 minutes or less.

What kind of results should I expect?

With vitamin therapy, most people notice an increased energy level and overall better feeling. Proper vitamin levels are necessary for proper metabolism, cortisol levels, and sleep patterns. Vitamin therapy can also support the immune system, which is important in the winter months and holidays, when stress levels are high. Discuss the possible complications of a vitamin B12 injections with your doctor. Talk to you doctor about allergies and other conditions which may make you ineligible for B12 shot. Because some vitamin B12 injections contain cyancobalamin, you should not use this medication if you are allergic to cyanocobalamin or cobalt, or if you have leber’s disease, which is an inherited form of vison loss. You should not get the shot if you have any of the following:

Cold or allergy symptoms that affect you nose, such as sinus congestion or sneezing.

Kidney or liver disease

Iron or folic acid deficiency.

Any type of infection.

If you are receiving any medication or treatments that affects your bone marrow.

If you are pregnant or plan on becoming pregnant while using vitamin B12 injections. Cyanocobalamin can pass into your breast milk, so b12 injections are not recommended during this time.

Be aware of the benefits of vitamin B12 injections if you suffer from anaemia or a vitamin B12 deficiency, you may need vitamin B12 injections as a form of treatment. Some people also have difficulty absorbing vitamin B12 in food or through oral vitamin B12 supplements and resort to injections of vitamin B12. Vegetarians who do not consume any animal foods may also benefit from vitamin B12 supplements to ensure they remain healthy. So sometimes it’s wise to consult with your GP prior to your appointment. As a clinical offering Cyanocobalamin injections, you need to be aware these must be prescribed.