Injections Rules & Dosages

Injections Rules & Dosages

  Aqaulyx is injected into the subcutaneous layers of fat. The needle will lye slightly flat around a 45-degree angle.

Please look at the diagram below which shows you the variation of the different angles.



Adherence of treatment protocol

 Soley to be mixed with 0.2-0.3 ml of Lidocaine


·         Pinch test must result in more than 1,5cm for injection on the body


·         Injection may only be administered subcutaneously, avoiding muscular or dermal tissue


Dosage recommendations:


·         1 vial (8ml ) for an area of 10 x 10 cm


·         Treatment cycle: every 10 – 12 weeks


·         Frequently depends on treated area and the responder


·         Max 5 vials per session


·         Max 4 vials per area


Mesotherapy Grid technique 

Before the treatment is administered you would mark out your area with a cosmetic pencil. You can mark out using a combination of dots or squares on the chin, tummy and arms. Here are a few examples below: