Injecting B12

Injecting B12

Choose an injection site. The ideal injection site depends on your age and the comfort level of the person administering the injection. These are four common injections sites:

The upper arm: This site is often used for adults who are younger or middles ages. Older adults can use the site if the muscle in their upper arm, their deltoid, is well developed. However, doses higher that 1ml should not be administered via the upper arm.

The thigh: This is the most common site used by people who are self- administrating the injections, or giving an injection to an infant or a small child. It’s a good spot because of the high amount of fat and muscle under the skin of your thigh. The target muscle, vastus lateralis, is halfway between your groin and your knee, about 6 – 8 inches from the crease of your leg.

The outer hip: This site, located on the side of your body below you hip bone, is good for young people and adults. Most professionals advise using this area as there are no major blood vessels or nerves that be punctures due to the injection and needle.

The buttock: Your upper outer buttocks, or Dorsogluteals, on either side of your body, are common injection sites. Only a medical professional should use this site, as it is located close to mayor blood vessels and your sciatic nerve, which be damaged if the injection is not administrated properly.

We recommend aspiration when injecting to prevent injecting into a vessel.



Chose an injection method. Though it may seem like a pretty straight forward process to inject someone with a needles and a plunger, there are two injection methods that can be used for a vitamin B12 injection.




These injections are more common, as they tend to have better results. The needle will be inserted at a 90 degree angle, which will put the needle deep into the muscular tissue. Once the needle is in the muscle, the plunger should be pulled back slightly to ensure the needle is not in a blood vessel. If no blood is aspirated, then the medication can be pushed through slowly. When the vitamin B12 is pushed through the needle, it will absorbed by the surrounding muscle right away. This will ensure all of the B12 is absorbed into your body.




These injections are less common. The needle will be inserted at a 45 degree angle, just below your skin, as opposed to deep in your muscle. The outer skin may be pulled away from the muscle tissue to ensure the needle does not pierce the muscle. The best site for this type of injection is your upper arm.