Treatment Room 

Treatments should be undertaken in a bright, warm and well-ventilated room, with a treatment bed that can be accessed from all sides to the practitioner. Surfaces should be fully wipe able, and a sink should be present with elbow lever taps for washing hands between clients. The room should be private and allow for confidential discussions and treatment for the client.

Treatment Couch

The treatment couch should ideally be fully adjustable to ensure the ergonomic safety of the practitioner. Treatment couches or chairs can be height adjustable and be fully reclining allowing the practitioner to work at the correct height, without straining or bending over. Treatment couches should be free from fabric or toweling accessories and be fully wipe able.



Cosmetic Pencils 

Cosmetic pencils should be available to allow you to mark the areas to be treated. Pencils should be sharpened between clients. Not all practitioners will use pencils to mark their injection sites, and this is personal preference.



Syringes and needles 

Botox injections should be administered as painlessly as possible. Choosing the right syringes and needles is vital to the comfort of your client.  Many practitioners therefore choose to use insulin syringes. These are used with very fine integrated needles or with separate needles that can be fitted on to the syringe. The practitioner should hold the syringe in such a way that they can read the graduations as they administer the treatment. This ensures that the active substance is administered as accurately as possible.

Handling and storage

Botox is shipped frozen or on dry ice. It can be stored before reconstitution in a refrigerator at a temperature of 2-8°C (35.6-46.4°F) for up to 24-36 months based on the size of the vial. Manufacturer’s instructions after reconstitution recommend using within 24 hours. Although it will not lose its properties for several weeks after it has been reconstituted (2-4 weeks).

Other equipment needed:

  • Gloves
  • Gauze
  • Hand held mirror
  • Alcohol wipes