Client Consultation

A client consultation is a one-to-one talk with your client. During this time, you will find out very important and confidential information that will allow you to advise and provide the best treatment for the client.

It is important to always introduce yourself to the client as this removes any barriers and relaxes them. Consultations should always be undertaken in a private room or area where you cannot be overheard by others.

A client should first fill out a client consultation which helps identify any contra-indications that may mean you have to alter the treatment or be unable to treat them at all. If their form shows no reason why they cannot proceed with the treatment, then you can move onto verbal questioning.

Verbal questions would be to establish why the client has visited the salon and what their expectations and outcome of the treatment may be. Asking what they want ensures you can provide customer satisfaction as the client should be pleased with the outcome of their treatment. It is good practice to speak to the client in front of a mirror and explain the treatment to them and see if that meets their requirements.

Once you have established what the client is after, then a physical examination should be undertaken. This allows you to further check for any undeclared contra-indications and get a better overview of any issues that you may face during the procedure.

Allow around 15 minutes for the client’s first salon visit. Ideally, you should sit face to face or next to the client to create an open atmosphere. Avoid barriers such as a couch or table between you.

Use open questions to tactfully encourage the client to give you information that you may need rather than using interrogating questioning techniques. Use the consultation form to work from and record anything you may discuss.

As clients may be embarrassed by their hair loss you may chose to do this somewhere more private or less visible to other clients.


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