Chin Augmentation

Chin Augmentation



The above diagram shows bolus injection technique to the chin to add projection. Aspiration must apply when delivering this treatment due to the proximity of the the inferior alveolar artery and nerve exiting from the mental foramen

For ideal facial proportions, the face is generally divided into equal vertical thirds (upper, middle, lower) and horizontal fifths. The ideally proportioned chin width is said to occupy the central horizontal fifth of the face..

Injecting dermal filler into precise areas of the chin can increase the length, width or projection of the chin. A non-surgical chin augmentation using the dermal fillers is a relatively safe technique that requires no anaesthesia & requires minimal down time.





·         Assess the contour deformity in the pre-jowl sulcus, the mental crease, and the mentalis muscle

·      Bolus injection to the bone (with aspiration) area in the areas near the tuberculum mentalis, in each lateral site.  we can inject 1ml in the first sitting, however client depending they may need more, we allow two weeks to allow the filler to settle & assuming there is no bruising or swelling left we can add more as soon as two weeks after the first sitting.

·       Gentle palpation helps to smooth the treated area, check capillary refill




Potential complications


The inferior alveolar artery and nerve exiting from the mental foramen are the main dangers in this area. The mental foramen is commonly located between the first and second premolar teeth and should be protected from direct injections.