Careers within the industry Copy

Career possibilities are endless within the industry and there are always new treatments being invented or rediscovered.

Technology is always evolving. This means there are opportunities to be explored within the industry to provide new and innovative treatments.

Advancements are not always technical and some of the treatments that rely on simple tools, or even the hands, are just as important.

New chemical ingredients, for example, are constantly being researched and developed (known as R&D) within the industry to minimise the effects of aging.

Below is a list of just some of the advancements of recent years. Some are treatments you may be familiar with, but many are continually evolving, as practice develops new techniques and strategies.

  • Micro-pigmentation
  • Laser and intense pulsed light
  • Photo rejuvenation, hair removal, transgender
  • Injectables, dermal fillers, cosmetic injections
  • Chemical skin peeling
  • Cosmetic surgery for face and body
  • Face and body sculpting (cryo/thermal)
  • Cosmetic radio frequency treatments
  • Innovative product development
  • Advanced massage techniques and equipment

Think about it….

Why have you decided to start this course? What is your desired destination?


For your exam you will need to know the types of qualifications needed for the following further study options:

Make notes on each of these areas with details of the type of work they may be involved in.

Further study options:

Advanced beauty therapy,

Level 3 qualifications: body massage, reflexology, aromatherapy, spa therapy,



quality management.

You need to research the terms listed above and be confident in what role requires which training levels and the content covered.