Our Academy sets benchmarks in the industry! Our courses are based around what the consumer wants! We spot trends and gaps in the market. Our aim is to identify top revenue streams that complement existing business portfolios. We actively seek them out!

Our staff our made of industry leaders within their relevant fields, who deliver quality training but also treatments, so identify with day to day commercial challenges.

Our branding is strong. Our social media platforms, artist & celeb collaborations ensure stand out amongst a difficult marketplace.

Our offering is unique. We have everything in house, in one premises under one roof and have a thriving clinic that exists alongside our Academy, meaning students can learn on the shop floor and shadow trainers during daily treatments.

Our Flexibility – we understand that not everyone has straight forward learning requirements. Our diversity and access to a large portfolio of skilled trainers means we can create bespoke course content, one and one training and masterclasses in all areas of our most requested.

Enhance Me Advanced Facial Diploma