Working Environment


Before or during your training with Enhance Me Academy it would be advisable to ensure you have the following in place, so you are ready to complete your case studies as well as being fully prepared to start offering treatments as soon as you have completed your training;   Eg:

  • A Treatment Couch, either electronically or manually adjustable, with a smooth wipeable surface for disinfection and cleaning should also have;
  1. Removable armrests.
  2. A slim couch is advised to allow correct and exact treatment of your client.
  3. A paper couch roll should be available and be changed after every treatment and between clients.
  4. In addition, the couch must be wiped down with a disinfectant (surgical spirit) between clients.
  • A technician’s stool, which must be height adjustable, with smooth seat cover to allow disinfection when cleaning the surface.
  • A technicians table or trolley with castors that contain ideally at least several shelves with a surface which is resistant to the use of detergents and disinfectants used for cleaning.

  Surfaces that should be impermeable:

  • The work light:
  1. A magnifying lamp is ideal as it provides optimum lighting on the work area and gives a better view of the pigment process through the magnifying glass.
  2. The lamp must have a flexible arm to ensure working without shadows.
  3. Must have a DAYLIGHT BULB.
  • The Treatment Room must have smooth, washable floors and walls, to enable and ensure easy cleaning and disinfection. The floor in the treatment room must be mopped thoroughly every day.
  • Window Covers must be cleanable blinds, no curtains or fabric furnishings are allowed.
  • A separate locally approved sink must be provided within the treatment room for hand washing use.
  • Anti-bacterial hand wash must be provided in a pump format or equivalent along with disposable paper hand towels to be provided for the use of drying hands.
  • A HOW TO WASH YOUR HANDS poster must be displayed clearly above the hand washing area, these can normally be downloaded from your local authority website.