Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber attachment benefits

Attachment 2: Skin Scrubber (exfoliation) Treatment.

What is a Skin Scrubber?

A handheld, mechanical exfoliation technique using vibration technology. Sometimes referred to as microcurrent or high frequency (although this is not to be confused with true high frequency which is a completely different treatment and machine) ultrasonic device or skin spatula.

This performs a deep exfoliation using a deep and concentrated vibration technology that can penetrate deep into the epidermal layers of the skin.

The vibration gently shakes and dislodges the cells, allowing any trapped or built up dirt, blackheads (comedones) and the dead skin, to become loose or free. When a little pressure is applied to the skin as it glides across the skin, it can be swiftly removed with the blade edge within a single pass.

The blade is held at a 45 degree angle and must be performed over dampened/wet skin using a substance such as desincrustation gel or ultrasound gel. This will produce a fine visible moisture mist.


What are the benefits and effects of the Skin Scrubber?

As a non-surgical method of skin clearing and Purifying, using the skin scrubber is quick, convenient, and painless, without the need for chemicals or lasers leaving the skin looking brighter and clearer

The skin benefits from the ultrasonic sound waves, which propels surface moisture from the tip of the blade, rapidly into the follicles and back out again. This helps to purifying the skin, by removing the superficial dirt and sebum for a targeted deep exfoliation action

It is a completely painless technique, a method that can be used on a variety of different areas on the body, especially where, blocked pores can form, The shape of the stainless steel head means it can get into almost any position, causing no redness, swelling or discomfort of any kind making ideal for those sensitive areas or hard to reach areas.

Can be used quite safely alongside other treatments, all skin types and most skin conditions.