The endocrine system Copy

The Endocrine system

The endocrine system works closely with the nervous system to control and coordinate the body’s activities. It consists of the Endocrine glands and the hormones. Hormones are often referred to as ‘chemical messengers’, which the glands secrete and/or store. They communicate between:

  1. Two endocrine glands to stimulate one gland to release a hormone.
  2. An endocrine gland and a target organ.

Each gland is rich in capillaries, which cluster around the glands so that hormones can be easily secreted and pass into the bloodstream. Hormones attach to plasma proteins in the blood and are transported around the body to their target organs. Hormones may affect a number of target organs.

Hormones are secreted by the hormone glands into the blood stream; from there they are circulated around the body affecting the different organs. These organs are known as target organs.

Hormones are a contributor to hair growth. If a client has a medical imbalance with their hormones this could be causing their hair loss.