PPE, Sanitation, Infection and Control

PPE, Sanitation, Infection and Control

The Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations 1992

This act covers your requirements under the COSHH regulations. You are required to wear or provide to your employees protective clothing or equipment (PPE) to ensure their health and safety when handling chemicals or coming into contact with bodily fluids.

What PPE will you need?

·       Powder free non latex Gloves that must be changed for each new client.

·       Disposable aprons.

·       Face Masks

·       Eye wear (optional)

Some therapists like to wear eye protection although the risk is very low from spillages or splashes. However, a new apron, facemask and gloves should be worn before each new client.


We prefer to use Nitrile gloves when performing treatments. They fit snugly on the hand like latex gloves but without the allergy risk.

You should always wash your hands prior to putting on your gloves following the NHS guidelines.

How to properly remove gloves:


1.     Using your right hand grasp the rim of the left glove and remove it turning it inside out.

2.     Whilst holding onto the glove turned inside out, use your left hand, grasp the rim of your right glove and pull it off of your hand without touching anything.

3.     Dispose of the gloves in your bio-hazard waste bag.

4.     Wash your hands following the recommended guidelines.