Skin Analysis: Skin colourings & ethnicity

The main difference between darker skin tones and Caucasian skin tones is the dispersal of melanocytes. In dark skins melanosomes (melanin pigment granules) are large and scattered singly, in lighter skins they are smaller and packed together. Melanin has the ability to absorb free-radicals, harmful particles in the environment, thus helping to fight against premature ageing. As the melanin is bigger and more widely distributed in darker skin colours this, scientifically, proves that darker skins will age slower than Caucasian skins.

Hyper-pigmentation= too much pigment in an area



Hypopigmentation is a lack of melanin in the skin caused by depletion of melanocyte cells. This can be caused by numerous reasons, frequently in people suffering from thyroid conditions, addisons disease and pernicious anaemia. Other causes can include injury to the skin. Loss of pigment is highly visible in darker skins but can occur on any skin colour.

 Hypo-pigmentation= Lack of pigment in the skin