Microneedling equipment

Needle types-

–The higher amount of the needles there are the thinner the needles will be.

–Thinner needles are better for collagen induction therapy (CIT). Also, less pain, less damage and faster recovery

–The lower the amount of needles, in a cartridge, means the needles are thicker and better for deep lines,  scars and stretch marks

–Thicker needles will have more discomfort and a longer recovery time


Microneedling serums-

–Need to use products that are suitable transdermal application (able to be applied into the skin as apposed to being topically)

–Products are usually a combination of active ingredient as well as hyaluronic acid.

–When researching products your can use key words like ‘mesococktails’

–Common brands are Clinicare cocktails, from 4T Medical and My Filler cocktails available from the Enhance me store or in the academy when you come for your training.

–Most treatments you will use 4mls approximately but it will vary from brand, viscosity and your clients skin

See the My Filler lesson to get further information on this specific  meso/microneedling range.