Microneedling Depth

Microneedle depth

Microneedles can penetrate the skin from a depth of 0.20mm – 2.5mm, depending on the area and condition to be treated.  As the oscillation speed is adjustable, it is recommended to follow he suggested depths and speeds to gain the most effective results.


Micro-needling treatments allows for microchannels to be created in the skin via the fractional vertical insertion of the needles. These channels close within seconds, however they allow for the safe delivery of topical ingredient application


Traditional topical methods are less than 0.3% effective at penetrating and repairing damaged cells deep in the dermis, whereas the safe delivery of topical ingredients after a micro-needling treatment combined with the release of growth factors, proliferation of fibroblast, collagen and elastin synthesis allow for accelerated cell regeneration of cell membrane and healthy DNA over time