How to use the Hydro-dermabrasion attachment for a treatment



  1. Choose the correct head for the attachment. These just push onto the end of your handheld device. The one with the metal disc inside will be more aggressive and may not be suitable for delicate sentitive skins.

  1. Place tissues beside your client’s ears and have an extra one to hand, this is to catch any excess water.


  1. Starting on the forehead, using the thumb and forefinger to stretch the skin.


  1. Place the attachment onto the skin and wait until you set water fill the chamber, only then you can move it.


  1. Adjust the water and air dial, as necessary, using the dials at the front of the machine





  1. Start on the neck and glide the pen towards the deep cervical lymph nodes. Make sure you work either side of the wind pipe. Movement 1&2 on the diagram.


  1. Next work on the chin (movement 3) draining towards the submental nodes


  1. Turn the clients head a little to the side.


  1. Stretch your hand to make an ‘L’ shape and place on the skin on the jawline stretching it over the jaw area towards the submandibular nodes (movements 4 & 5)


  1. Pinch the nose, to help the skin stay taut, work on either side of the nose (movements 6) draining towards the buccal nodes. You can also drain either side of the lip too.


  1. Work over the cheeks, avoiding directly under the eye, draining towards the pre-auricular and parotid nodes (movements 7 & 8)


  1. Move in straight lines in between the brows towards the forehead (movement 9).


  1. Complete the procedure on the forehead (movements 10-11) draining towards the pre-auricular and parotid nodes.