Homework Copy

During the practical day you will be asked to recall some of the theory within then pre-read. Recalling this information will be asked and answered verbally in front of other learner in the class.

Please find the answers to the questions below. You can use your notes when asked to recall the answers.

  • List contra-indications that would stop/prevent a treatment from taking place.
  • What are the 4 active ingredients found within the hair serum?
  • How does the booster help the scalp and hair rejuvenation?
  • Which waste bin do needles go into and how can you identify the specific bin?
  • Which serums can be micro-needled into the hair and why?
  • How often would you recommend a client comes in for a scalp and hair treatment?
  • How would you answer if a client asked if the procedure hurts?
  • Which LED colours are best for Scalp and hair rejuvenation?
  • Which 2 gases are produced by the High-Frequency treatment and how can that help the scalp and hair rejuvenation?
  • What is the aftercare advice a client must follow?
  • Which information is important to record on the clients treatment plan?