Equipment needed for microneedling

Microneedling can use pens or rollers.


  Advantages Disadvantages
Pen Can adjust depths during treatments

Less likely to cause inflammatory conditions (PIH)

Some pens can be expensive

Need to be charges and can lose charge during treatments if a cordless device

Roller Easy to use

Quick to use

Can cause more unnecessary trauma to the skin

Can get caught in the hair

Cannot adjust depths


Depths to use

During the treatment the practitioner is aiming to target the epidermal junction which is only a maximum of 1mm into the skin. Also area’s like the forehead and scalp are thinner and more bony so it would cause pain as the tissue is not as deep.

Needle choices

Needle cartridges come with a different amount of needles enclosed. Different brands will have a different number but the science is the same. The more needles there are the less trauma/pain to the skin (I know it sounds strange). Think of it like a bed of nails, the more nails the more comfortable it is to lay on!

Use this as a guide-

9 Pin- not suitable for the scalp, more designed for the body

12 pin –The most common size to use

36 pin- less trauma and pain

42 pin- less trauma and pain

Nano round- painless, superficial depth, hydrating, can be used near the eyes, often used in BB glow treatments, inducing eyebrow hair growth, fine lines, improving product penetration.

These can be used weekly for hydration

Points to remember-

  • The higher amount of the needles there are the thinner the needles will be.
  • Thinner needles are better for collagen induction therapy (CIT). Also, less pain, less damage and faster recovery
  • The lower the amount of needles, in a cartridge, means the needles are thicker
  • Thicker needles will have more discomfort and a longer recovery time