Types of Cleansing products include:

Oily eye make-up remover – to remove waterproof mascara, oil based make-up.
Non-oily eye make-up remover – sensitive eyes, false lashes.

Cleansing milk – dry/sensitive/normal/ combination skin. These are normally oil in water emulsion with a high proportion of water to oil depending on the manufacturer.

Cleansing cream – ultra dry skin, deep cleansing. These have a high proportion of oil to water making the emulsion richer and thicker in consistency.

Cleansing lotion – oily/congested/ combination skin. These products do not usually contain oil, and therefore not suitable to remove facial cosmetics. They are detergent solutions in water.

Facial wash/cleansing gel – oily skin types, except mature. These are quick to use and are particularly suitable for clients who are busy and want to use water instead of traditional cleansing creams etc.


Notice face wipes are not suggested – that is because they are very harsh on the skin, containing chemicals that dry the skin – stripping it of its natural oils. This can impede the delicate PH and function of the acid mantle which protects the skin, leading to inflammation and irritation.