It is vital that the correct aftercare is given after a wrinkle relaxing treatment. This is to prevent any complications such as eyelid ptosis an to enhance maximum results.


No makeup, exercise, saunas, steam rooms, hot showers and alcohol for 24 hours.

No laying down for 4 hours post injections.

when travelling home, express your face such as frowning and smiling to help disperse the product.

No massage or vigorous rubbing of the area for 48 hours.

The client can expect results within 2-4 days.

Peak of results is at 14 days.

Unevenness may occur and your client should come back for a review at the 14 day mark, no less and no longer. This is because the client will not see the full effect until 14 days. some parts of the toxin may work quicker than others and by that 14 day mark, it may have evened itself out.

A 14 day mark review should be free of charge and should be optional for your client to review how the toxin has worked. This is where you can get your after pictures!

As mentioned earlier, once reconstituted, the product will last 2 weeks in a fridge before needing to be discarded. This is another reason why your client cannot come to you for a review after the 14 day mark as you will need to then provide more product.