VTCT Assignments

The following topics are your compulsory assignments to complete.

They all require a suitable level (level 4) of research and the client care one involves you gathering data from clients.

Make sure you allow enough time to complete the task and follow the assignment guide in a previous section of this online learning platform.

In each of the topics is a link to a word document that you must use to complete the tasks on.

If you do not have ‘word’ installed you can use google docs Google Docs: Free Online Document Editor | Google Workspace for free. You can use google docs on a tablet if you do not have access to a laptop or PC.

You can you your phone also BUT I would say that this would not be easy at all and I would not recommend using it.

Please be aware that you are free to start working on the assignments prior to starting your course (which I would recommend to spread out the work load) but they will not be marked until you have been registered with VTCT for this course. You can only be registered for the Laser course once you have passed the infection prevention exam as this is an entry requirement.